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Tax settlements

Tax settlements – We do complete accounting service for companies and private individuals. If you need to do settlement or you have a question concerning taxes – we [...]

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Partnership service

Partnership – the closest form to self – employment, however as the name suggests, owners of co-partnership are at least two partners who divide among them profits and [...]

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Official matters

London office, official matters – we contact institutions of your behalf. We will call, sent a letter, help you change your address. You have things to do – [...]

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Intensification in tax inspection

There had been some changes in regulations concerning tax inspection. Businessmen will not be happy about intensification. It is worth to know changes to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness. HMRC office [...]

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Which expenses can be figured in costs of running a business?

Many entrepreneurs have got problems with expenses qualification which can be counted as costs of running a business. Inappropriate expenses qualification may lead to the revenue inspection and [...]

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Limited company – what is it and is it profitable?

The most popular form of company running in Great Britain is limited company. What kind of copartnership is it? Why is is so profitable for entrepreneurs? What differentiates limited [...]

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Projekt National Insurance Contributions ”Holiday”

Osoby startujące z własną działalnością gospodarczą w Wielkiej Brytanii mogą skorzystać z projektu „Holiday”. Projekt ten skierowany jest zarówno w stronę firm prowadzonych jako tradycyjna działalność gospodarcza („self-employed”), jak [...]

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What to know about liability partnership copartnership?

Copartnerships Liability Partnership (LLP) – limited liability partnerships are very common form of running a business in Great Britain. How to register and run such business? Registration procedures LLP copartnership [...]

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How to get child benefit in Great Britain?

This is the amount of money which is not taxable and in most cases withdrawn once a month. How much is Child Benefit? The only child gets £20 per week. [...]

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How to get Housing Benefit in Great Britain?

People who have low income in Great Britain can apply for Housing Benefit which is benefit for house given by local authorities. Along with this benefit you will get [...]

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