F.A.Q – Frequently asked questions

Why should you use accounting office service?

– Accounting office offers 100% guarantee that only qualified accountants who are specialists in their field take care of our documents.

– Savings – employment of one person in accountancy costs much more than receipt from accounting office. In business it is called Outsourcing, which is English abbreviation for outside – resource – using. This word was first used in 1979 and derived from buying German projects by British automobile industry. However, business conception was created earlier; in 1923 Henry Ford said: ”If there is something we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper and better, there is no point of doing it and we should hire someone who will do it better than us.”

– Advena accounting office services are continuous which means we do not have to worry that we forgot, we are ill or one of our employees is sick or on holiday. This might have caused missing of date limit, risking of penalty or interest.

– Prices depending from labour expenditure and substantive difficulty which means actual work done by us, not hourly rate or quantity of day jobs.

– We save our resources like time, office equipment and energy – in saved time we can give ourselves over to company development, hobby or have family time.

–  I case of possible mistake or error (which happens extremely rare) office will clarify and solve it without any additional costs.

F.A.Q – Frequently asked questions

Everybody pays taxes which means everyone can benefit from accounting office huge offer – private individuals, sole traders, large companies and big corporations.

Please do not worry and do not panic. As an experienced accounting office we are able to prepare all the essential formality and to simplify documents so that you will go through inspection without any issues.

With the moment you decide about cooperation, you give us mandate on the grounds of which we represent you if necessary, without your direct participation. Needless to say, how much time you can save. Received correspondence should be copied and send via email, post or given to us personally, so we can take care of it.