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Accounting office in London: Our accounting office has a wide range of offers which may help you whether you are looking for your place on earth or already know how to succeed. Thanks to our openness, experience and professional competence you can trust us practically in every matter. This is what we do:

Tax settlements – We do complete accounting service for companies and private individuals. If you need to do settlement or you have a question concerning taxes – we are here for you.

Limited Company service – (Full accountancy). Limited Company – a company with limitation of liability. In contrast to self – employment, responsibility does not concern private assets but assets brought to the company. This is the most prestigious way of running a business. It allows saving money on taxes with high level of trade. If you do not know whether this form is suitable for you, please contact us.

Self – employed – is the simplest form of running your own business also allows employing people. Settlements can be send till 30th October by post or 31st January via the Internet.

Partnership – the closest form to self – employment, however as the name suggests, owners of co-partnership are at least two partners who divide among them profits and losses generated by their company.

Temporary and permanent residency (registration certificate). Until getting temporary residency (residence permit) it is crucial to have at least 12 months of financial independence (e.g. employment, self – employment). For permanent residence you need to supply the same documents like for residence permit, however from at least 5 years. Having residency is very helpful in case you want to buy a flat or a house, to take a loan or use other bank – financial services. You can apply for residency even if you take benefits.

Official matters – we contact institutions of your behalf. We will call, sent a letter, help you change your address. You have things to do –do not wait too long, we will solve your problem so you will not have to worry about it.

Sworn translations – This type of translation is required for some kind of official documents. It is full translation of content, seal, footnotes and many different annotations. Our translations are accepted by all institutions in Great Britain including Home Office, H. M Revenue and Customs, DVLA or courts.